Securitization of Pharmaceutical/Biotech IP - Intangible Asset-backed Securities

Dear Friends,

I am conducting some research for a paper exploring the potential for large-scale securitization of pharmaceutical/biotech IP and their role in forming an alternative funding method for small to mid-cap pharma.

If anyone works (or knows someone who works) in/with securities, derivatives, structured products and special purpose vehicles I would greatly appreciate the chance to PM them or have them PM to gather more information.

If privacy is a concern for anyone, names (and if need be, firm names) will be omitted.

Thank you in advance

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Apr 27, 2018


Apr 27, 2018

I follow esoteric ABS on the banking side. We bank a healthcare company and they're in the market once every 2 or so years

Apr 27, 2018

Mind if I PM you?

Apr 27, 2018

not at all. lets chat

Sep 21, 2018

This is probably too late to be helpful, and I don't know that my experience is directly relevant, but I have some experience with royalty financing funds if that is at all relevant? I interviewed with one of the bigger royalty funds several years back when they were first emerging (final round but no offer), and a couple portfolio companies of the fund I worked at did some royalty financing deals. My takeaway back then 2011-2014 is that they were comparable to venture debt in terms of total cost of capital, haven't seen as many deals in the current market, maybe bc capital is just more abundant now.

Anyway I think it's a pretty interesting topic intellectually and I'm sure there are some cool opportunities out there, so would love to hear what you found

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Sep 21, 2018

thanks for the input but unfortunately the paper has already been finished! If something similar comes up again I'll keep you in mind.

Mar 12, 2019