Investment Banking Diet Habits

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I was reading the [Summer 2017 Investment Banking Interns - Do's And Don'ts List mentioning to "not eat lunch during lunch."
I can personally attest to getting a Lamb burger downtown at lunch around 11:45pm. I returned in the office and felt like shit, the burger was amazing, but I was in the worst, sluggish coma of my life.

Is there any suggested diet for those of us who want to refuel, and eat a quick lunch?

I've currently been drinking a lot of Kombucha, snacking on nuts throughout the day, and other smaller things. I don't know if anyone can relate to feeling sluggish and groggy after lunch but if anyone can help out with some of their ways to hedge against that it would be great advice!

***I'm speaking from the POV of a Sophomore intern at a boutique IB in SF

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Apr 19, 2018
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