Investment Strategy in AM to Global Macro Fund. Possible?

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How likely it is to move after few years from a investment strategy team of AM to a Global Macro Hedge Fund? Or do the funds prefer sellside traders who have more market experience?

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May 1, 2015

does the investment strategy have a macro bent? do you observe and prepare for potential tail risk? then... perhaps yes?

but if you are just at a domestic focus long only AM, your chances are slim to none.

May 4, 2015

In general, I have not seen too many people move from AM to macro HF. The most common move is from sellside trading (fixed income, currencies, commodities). If however you were working on macro research or multi-asset strategies at a big AM such as BlackRock, Wellington, PIMCO, State Street, you definitely have the knowledge base. My feeling though is that since long-only mutual funds are very different from macro hedge funds in terms of risk profiles, culture, etc., it may be a tough sell.

May 5, 2015