Is OCR not available during the summer?

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From browsing the posts I found a few points : (say one goes to a target, top-15 or ivy university)

  1. You can only get a summer internship at the end of your sophomore year
  2. You can only participate in resume/CV drops (i.e. on-campus recruiting) during the semester, and not right after summer classes
  3. Applying via the internet, on company job postings is usually ineffective, but the application and resume still get read and if you're a close-to-perfect fit it sometimes works out
  4. GPA is not that important but below a certain point it's going to be a big hurdle
  5. GPA is less and less important the more experience you have
  6. MBAs are only good if your previous experience fits your post-MBA goals or if you go to a top 16 program (at least)

Am I wrong on any of these points?

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Jul 26, 2018