Israeli Growth Equity intern vs. U.S. Venture Capital intern??

Hello everyone,

I recently received offers for a summer internship from an Israeli Growth Equity firm ($1bln - $4bln AUM) and a small venture capital firm in my local city in the U.S. ($400mil - $600mil AUM).

Not quite sure which one to take or will provide me a better opportunity in the future? Would an Israeli GE internship at a good company look better on my resume or would companies prefer a smaller VC firm operating in the U.S. if my desire is to work at a GE firm in the U.S.

My background:
Desire to work at the best Growth Equity firm I can get into in the U.S.

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Dec 19, 2018

Hell with the resume, I would go to Israel just for the experience. But then again, if you don't secure an offer for 2020 summer before 2019 summer starts, you would be in an iffy situation.

Apr 10, 2019