Career Advice: Did Not Receive A Return Offer From VC

Hi everyone,

Looking for any and all advice as I am in a bit of tough position. For some background, I graduated last year from a non-target with a major in Philosophy and a minor in General Business. I was able to leverage my network and landed a 6 month internship with a small healthcare VC with ~100 AUM. Fast forward to the present day, I unfortunately did not receive a return offer. I was told this was because one of their analysts was returning from a portco and there would not be enough room in the budget to bring on another analyst. So I departed on good terms and received letters of recommendation from the partners.

Although this was a blow I am remaining optimistic and excited, but am still pretty lost. I've done tons of research on what the best next steps would be and have enrolled in courses to strengthen my modeling skills and to learn some coding to make myself a more desirable candidate. My interest in finance happened late in college(reasoning for my major choice), and the amount of different career paths you can take is pretty overwhelming when you're not familiar about what exactly they can entail/lead too.

To get to my question, I'm really just looking for a point in the right direction. I consider myself a creative person, and in the long run I'd like to create my own business concerning something I'm passionate about. However, I am realistic and I know that most business fail, so I'd like to have a solid foundation so that 1) It will help me develop into a capable entrepreneur, and 2) I could pursue some sort of High Finance role, which I do find intriguing, if I were to fail as an entrepreneur. I honestly am unsure about the weight that my internship will carry. I've been told that it it is not worth much, and that top financial institutions won't value it. It seems like I'm not the best candidate for a role in IB, Equity Research, or even staying in VC/any buy side role, so I am unsure if I should even be attempting to pursue these jobs. I've looked into Wealth Management and FP&A as well, but I just don't know what will give me the best career trajectory, what is realistically attainable, and just what the hell I should be doing right now to get back on track.

Apologies for the long post. I tried to fit everything in, and I can answer any questions you may have. I really would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you all in advance.


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