Job market for finance majors?

I'm currently a liberal arts major and I noticed that I am wasting time. I did some research on finance and was interested in changing my major. The problem is my community college has a major under financial management, I was thinking about doing accounting my aunt is a CPA and I find it boring. I just want to hear from some of guys how long did it take you to get a job out of college?

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Sep 22, 2018

Finance + Econ Dual major. I got a job right out of college. That being said there were people I went to school with that didn't get a job out of college and were also Finance grads. More about how much effort you put in than the major you have.

Sep 23, 2018

Thanks for your reply, can you elaborate on the last sentence? Would you say the didnt get jobs because of not networking and applying?


Sep 23, 2018