Job responsibilities and growth in CRE Capital Markets?

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I'm currently getting my MBA and looking for an internship in CRE because I used to trade residential mortgages at one of the GSEs. I've gained traction especially with people on the capital markets side.

Can someone tell me how the career path is in capital markets? From my understanding now, it's calling lenders for money, selling the story of the project, and taking 75bps commission. In the beginning, salary is going to be low but in 2-3 years, good capital markets people can close 12 or more deals a year.

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Feb 9, 2019

residential side has different players than commercial. I think you know this but i wanted to make it clear. if you can leverage your resi mortgage network to land you a commercial gig, thats great. in terms of career path, your battle will be generating business and building a client base and then performing for your clients by finding them the appropriate debt product. 12 or more so deals a year shouldnt be a benchmark becuase you can do one deal a year but make more than the guy next to you that did 15. its all relative.

Feb 9, 2019

wrong thread post

Feb 9, 2019