Job search advice/resume critique for a non target!

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I'm entering my second semester at a non target in NYC, but I am graduating in 2017 because I did a year of college in high school so I am a sophomore. My main goal is BB IB/ER but I am really open to other finance positions as long is it presents me with good recruiting/business school potential and high pay. I currently work at a VC firm, I plan on staying for a year maybe two and I'm getting really great experience there, would it be possible to leverage my VC experience into a buy side firm out of undergrad?

Based off my resume, what kinds of opportunities do you think would be in reach for me?

PS: I know the bullets are messed up for the first job, I can't fix it right now so ignore it!

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Jan 18, 2015

Where your resume reads, "GPA: 3.0 (Bad first semester, retaking some classes hope to bring to a 3.8 by the end of the year)," just no... Do not do that. Take that whole blurb out and realize that writing an excuse ON the resume looks worse than it just standing alone. Accept the GPA and move on.

P.S. It would be impossible to get a 3.0 in Fall 2014 and end Spring 2015 with a 3.8. Use Excel to see what the highest possible GPA is with an 18-credit schedule of Straight A's. Then subtract .3 to be reasonable based on past performance. Then that's where you'll be

Jan 19, 2015