Job/Internship Outlook for UCSB student?

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Hey everyone,

I recently completed my second year at UC Santa Barbara, and I can't but wonder about my prospects for landing an internship at the Big 4. I have decent grades, held a couple of well-rounded jobs. and on pace to meet the 150 hour requirement for CPA.

I heard somewhere that UCSB became a target school for Big 4 hires, but we don't have a business program. So we are recommended to enter public accounting for the Big 4 and national firms. A lot of my friends are hoping to land an internship with the big 4 inassurance or tax, but I have little interest in going into either. I want to go into advisory services for the big 4 or even consulting for some regional/local firm (yes, I know it's a big reach).

That being said....
Coming from UCSB, how are my chances in landing a internship or job with Big 4 Advisory or consulting?

any input would be great!!

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Jul 7, 2011

I think big4 is possible, not that difficult, provided you have like 3.6+ and good extracirricicular/experiences, consulting is possible but depends at what firm. MBB or something would be highly unlikely.

Jul 7, 2011