KPMG Corporate Finance NPL (Portfolio Advisory), what are your thoughts?

Greetings fellow monkeys,

I just accepted an offer from KPMG corporate finance. The branch is called Portfolio Advisory / Portfolio Solutions Group. I would like to hear your input as to what do you think of it in terms of compensation, deal flow, exit opps and the usual.

The main tasks of the job will involve valuation of collateral linked to non-performing loans, for the subsequent pricing of NPL packages which will be sold to hedge funds (distressed and real estate types). Any of you guys could give some advice, or things you wish you knew before starting on this position? I'm pretty sure there must be some of you around here.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

Much love.

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Feb 23, 2015

sounds good, although afaik funds always check the value themselves
KPMG stuff is there pro-forma or for whatever reason

looks like a regular valuation group?
it is probably a Portfolio Solutions Group

Feb 23, 2015

p.s. please correct me if my assumptions are wrong, id like to know more

Feb 24, 2015

I think you should definitely clarify what the role involves.

On the one hand it could be like a specialization within real estate investment banking advising on the disposal of loan portfolios and talking to potential acquirors (Lone stars and blackstones of the world amongst other).

Valuation of the collateral would also form part of the duties here i.e. if the loan is non performing the value is going to be the collateral behind it so that could be a house, a hotel or an office block you would be valuing.

On the other hand your role might be limited to the valuation aspect which could get old pretty quickly.

I would clarify what the role involves. If valuation only I would avoid unless you have no alternatives or have a particular interest in this area. If REIB it could be an interesting opportunity.

Just be careful with Big 4...they can be very slippery when it comes to job descriptions and outlining roles to potential hires.

Also consider posting this in the Real Estate might get some useful advice there.

Feb 25, 2015