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I've been working at a solid prop firm (Optiver/DRW/etc) for the past year now and am looking to break into banking. I have the option of working for a small asset manager now and breaking in later or just trying to break in now. Is it even possible for me to break in now? Or should I go to the asset manager and try later or go to bschool from there? As more background I went to a target school, have a high gpa, and worked for an MBB consulting firm for a summer. I also have junior contacts at most of the well known banks. Please help.

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Nov 2, 2018

When you're saying banking, I assume you mean Corporate Finance (M&A, Coverage, GCM, etc) not Sales and Trading right? If it's S&T I wouldn't know but if you're targeting CF it's going to be a struggle to lateral given you won't have deal experience compared to other laterals. I think you have 2 options:
i) wait out another 1-2 years and got to Bschool then -> IB
ii) lateral to IB at smaller boutique/no name IB and then work your way up to BB (if that's what you're targeting)

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Nov 2, 2018