LinkedIn Strategy & Analytics Rotation Program vs Dropbox Rotation Program

Hi All,

I currently have two full-time offers one from LinkedIn Business Leadership Program in Strategy & Analytics in Mountain View and another for Dropbox's Rotation Program in SF. Below are some descriptions of the program

LinkedIn Program: I would be their second class (very new program). It is a two-year program comprised of four six-month rotations across LinkedIn's finance, strategy, corporate development and business / sales operations groups.

Dropbox: More established I would be their 3rd class. More operational focused and rotate through sales and user operations and then can have the opportunity to possibly join their business strategy and operations group after rotations.

I eventually think I want to get into some sort of strategy position long-term and go to a top B-school. Which option seems more attractive? LinkedIn provides me with that strategy exposure off the bat, but Dropbox provides me with the unique opportunity to work for a pre-IPO, high growth company which I also think would be an awesome opportunity. Thanks so much for the help!

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Nov 14, 2014

bumpp :)

Nov 14, 2014

Since Dropbox only provides you with the opportunity to go into strategy vs. the certainty of being able to do so in LinkedIn, the choice is quite clear from this angle.

Having said that, you also have to keep in mind which product you are most excited about - a professional networking site or a cloud storage business?

If it's not a business model you'd be excited about or constantly think about, I doubt you will perform in the strategy team anyway.

In terms of top business school, i'm not so sure about the prospect of each. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Apr 30, 2018

how did the recruitment process work for linkedin and dropbox ?

Feb 28, 2019