LinkedIn vs Email

Hi everyone,

First, thank you for the content and the answers given.

I wanted to ask you the following question: I need to contact a Managing Director as the first networking message in order to find an internship.

Do you think an email is more powerful than a linkedin message in general or the opposite ?

Thanks a ton and have a nice day !


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Mar 20, 2019

Email is far better than LinkedIn messaging if you're reaching out to someone in finance. Maybe if it was a different field, LinkedIn could perhaps be more appropriate.

Most in finance don't check their LinkedIn often, and if they do see a message, they might think that the person reaching out was too lazy to figure out their email format. Just my 2c

Mar 21, 2019


I only have a personal email, it is tricky to send it to this address, if I don't have a real link with him ? Should I stay with linkedin in this case?

Mar 22, 2019

Still use their email address

Mar 20, 2019

Like was said above, people are incessantly checking work emails all day long. People might check LinkedIn twice a month.

Mar 21, 2019

The older someone is, the less-likely they are to actively use LinkedIn.

Mar 24, 2019

Email 100% of the time

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Apr 2, 2019

Email all day, if you don't have email then linkedIn.

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Apr 3, 2019

I rarely reply on LinkedIn.

Apr 4, 2019

I agree with everyone above. Email is also more professional in my opinion

Apr 4, 2019