Looking for some advice... Reaching to the Oasis community :)

Hi all,

I'm normally not one to post my situation and seek advice from a large community; however, after searching through numerous posts and reaching out to individuals directly, I thought it would be good to get the collective view of the Oasis community.

Here's my situation. I am currently living in London and just completed my first year of a two year, part-time Masters in Finance program at the London School of Economics. I work full-time here in London. When I graduate from the LSE next June, I will have roughly 3 years of work experience - one year at a law firm (thought I wanted to be a M&A lawyer) but more importantly in that year, I founded my own start-up on a part-time basis (evenings and weekends and lunch breaks) and made well over 200k in profits (almost decided to do it full-time until I got into the LSE) for the company. I used that roll to spring board into my next role here in London where I work in a business development and strategy role for a venture backed media group. I report directly to the CEO and work on strategic initiatives for the management board (India development, etc.).

I'd like to potentially make the transition into i-banking when I graduate from the LSE. My first question is, would I qualify for an associate role with the MSc Finance over 2 years and approx. 3 years work experience when all is said and done? From what I've read (and it's been A LOT, believe me), it looks like I would in fact qualify in Europe more so then in the States. I could potentially have some interviews in the States but it seems more far-fetched then here in Europe. The second question is, if I do in fact qualify for an associate role, what is the best method for recruiting? Don't get me wrong, the LSE is one of the best schools for i-banking recruiting; however, the majority of banks are recruiting directly for internships and analyst roles and NOT associate roles. I'd have to recruit while still working a full-time job and attending courses, so I was curious if anyone knew the best method for this. Should I just attend all the networking sessions and let them know my situation? Or is it best to just apply on-line and see what develops?

I know it's a lot but if you could please be kind enough to read through and give me a reply (those knowledgable please!), it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


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Jul 15, 2008 - 8:22am

I think most LSE Masters students still start as analysts. One person in my program tried the associate route but said he was up against top MBAs from around europe. He didn't succeed either.

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