LSE Master in Finance Part time

Hi All

I have been trying to find some review/ student experience about the LSE part time course Msc Finance.
I understand it is geared towards working executives with a few years of professional experience.

I was wondering how does this program work for executives who want to transition into Finance. Is it common to find students from varied backgrounds (Non Finance) on this course. Example, I have approx 5 years of consulting experience: I am looking to channel into Corporate Finance.

I was wondering if we have someone here who has pursued this course. I would like to run some questions/ seek thoughts and their experience about this program. Also would like to understand the career destination/ department support and prospects post the course (based on what you have seen).

I know there is plenty of useful stuff on this forum about the full time LSE program but very sparse information available about the part time version (almost feels like its not celebrated enough!! :) ).

Likewise it is difficult to identify the type of people this program attracts on platform such as LinkedIn etc (unlike the LBS part time Master in Finance course which is widely published).

Looking forward to hear on the above!!


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Jan 27, 2018