M7 B-School Chances

Hi all,

I was hoping on getting some advice regarding my b-school chances in the medium term (2~4 years). I dunno if its unrealistic but I was hoping for M7.

A little bit about my background. Went to a top tier school in my home country and studied economics (generally looked at pretty favorably over here, even over business). Messed around a bit too much so my GPA isn`t where it should be (~3.1; in my defense, course is pretty tough haha)

Got an IBD internship during school but didnt really enjoy it/wasnt able to tough it out so left around 8 months in.

Graduated and got a job in valuations at a Big 4 firm. Not my dream scenario but I learned a lot, was promoted pretty quickly, and look back at it as a pretty good experience.

Left the Big 4 firm around a year and a half in for a gig in corp. dev for an energy generation company. The job entails investment analysis for the acquisition/development of operating/greenfield hydro, wind, and solar assets. Along with investment analysis, I'm also engaged in due diligence for potential investments, adviser (banks, lawyers, etc) coordination, sourcing and deal flow management, preparing materials for stakeholders, and other activities. Deals size is pretty big in terms of my currency, medium sized in dollar terms. I've had excellent reviews so far at the new job so hopefully a promotion or two are on the way.

That has been the first 2.5-3 years of my career. Not the high-achieving fínânce/MBB path but I think one that has shown competency, leadership, and an ability to perform and achieve results. No relevant ECs to speak of at the moment but working on a few possibilities. I'm also studying for the GMAT and pretty sure that with some effort I can hopefully get around a 720-740. Pretty sure my higher ups at my firm (ex MBB/top tier MBA and PE) will give me excellent recommendations when the time comes.

Getting an MBA has always been a dream of mine. Looking at it now with a more mature perspective, the networking and job opportunities are incredible and the caliber of people that I'd be studying with I think would bring out the best of what I can offer. End goal would be PE at my home country (pretty sure chances for PE in the US are pretty low ), maybe MBB, CFO track at a big company, maybe AM. Def not IBD (I respect the shit out those kids , I've worked with some really bright, motivated, and admirable guys and gals).

Before anyone asks why I don't just continue at my current Corp. Dev gig, I know its a pretty decent job but I don't think I fit too well with the company culture long-term (not very meritocratic).

Anyways, thank you all

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Apr 27, 2018 - 12:48pm

Hey @notwavyfool
Thanks for posting So there are some blanks in your story now that we'll need to fill in eventually but for right now, with that 3.1, I really want you to nail the GMAT. 720 may not be enough. (You don't mention gender but I assume you are male.) The 80th percentile GPA range at most top schools starts at 3.2 so whenever I have someone outside of that...we just want to pull all the stops, you know? And while a lack of ECs won't be the thing that keeps you out of b-school, the 3.1 + the lack of ECs is not my favorite combo.
PE as a goal may be tough for b-schools to swallow without IB experience, just FYI. Sure, you can go PE ops but those jobs are rarer. So just be really thoughtful in what goals you present to the AdCom and make sure they feel confident they can help you.
You strike me as the type of person who would get a lot out of a free consultation so please set one up at your convenience. I highly recommend you take a full length practice GMAT though beforehand so we have some decent data to work with and aren't dealing in hypotheticals.
My best,

mbaMission Admissions Consultant For personal advice, please see up a free consultation: http://www.mbamission.com/consult.php Website: http://www.mbamission.com Blog: http://www.mbamission.com/blog
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