MBB Exchange to LatAM / SEA

Hey guys,

I'm currently working for MBB in EMA and I have been thinking about doing a temporary transfer or one year exchange to a Latin American (Mexico, Bogota, Sao Paulo) or SEA (Singapore, Bangkok) office for some time.

Hence, I was wondering whether anybody has experience working in these systems and could give some insights on the work there but also comp & benefits (as I would have to move to local payroll and I would like to be able to continue saving a bit of my salary).

For LatAm, I've heard that Brazil and Mexico are fairly regional systems with a lot of projects in the respective major business hubs, scope is rather broad, hours can be long but nothing that GSA wouldn't have either. Compensation for the post MBA position is decent at around 90-100k USD (depending on FOREX fluctuactions)

In SEA, I was told that staffing is regional across firms with a broad scope of projects. Yet working style can be largely face time driven and very hierarchical as a down side. Compensation is excellent (given the low cost of living) with about 120k USD in Singapore and 100k USD in Bangkok.

Would you agree on these notions or what are your thoughts on this in general? I'm kind of surprised to see very few people going to these markets and rather focusing on Europe and the US (where people complain a lot about the high share of implementation projects), with Sao Paulo and Singapore being exceptions to some extend.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

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Jun 18, 2019