MBB Interview: Next Step with Dubai office outside my list of preferences

I have an application as advanced degree candidate (PhD) with one of the MBB consulting companies , yesterday I received an email that they will not proceed with my application with any of the offices I picked in my application "(US based office and one of them was Detroit Office which is considerably a small office ~55 consultants only ). However, The Dubai office is interested in moving forward with my application, I was not surprised because I got my bachelor degree from a big target school in the middle east, a very prestigious school. My answer was yes, proceed with this option, that way I will get the chance to be interviewed and get enough time to think if I would wanna do this move or not later in case they extend an offer. My concerns are:

1- What do you think of the Dubai offices, I heard it is a huge office, bigger than my target office :Detroit, but how would it be seen on my resume in case I worked there?

2- What about Transfers within the company back to the US (btw, I am American not on H1/work Visa) ? is it easy, doable?

3- -Off topic- Would these companies sponsor MBA studies for their associates if they already have a PhD? I thought maybe I could work for a year or two as associate, gain exposure at this international office, go back to the US for my MBA and join a US office later ... Thoughts?

I have a PhD in engineering and 5 years of experience from one of the big 3 in the auto industry in the US... so pretty much I am changing careers !

I am not worried about the weather and lifestyle because it is for sure better than Detroit and its weather (lol!).

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Aug 2, 2019 - 1:17am
  1. MBB Dubai is extremely competitive to get into (not just because they generally pay the highest $ out of all their offices globally). Very expat-heavy, so it is not seen as a bad move if that's what you're asking.

  2. Depends - if it's McKinsey, not so difficult. BCG & Bain are slightly trickier, but if you work there for a certain number of years, you can request for rotation/relocation. YMMV.

  3. Not sure if they sponsor MBAs for APD candidates, but would not be surprised if they do. Typically you'd have to work for 2-3 years before they pay for your MBA.

Aug 3, 2019 - 12:43pm

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