MBB/T2 Lateral Recruiting Pre-MBA in the US

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What is the pre-MBA lateral recruiting process (1 to 3 years work exp) in the US? (at MBB/T2 firms)
I see these roles pop up periodically and couldn't find much "how to" advice about switching from a lower ranked consulting firm to MBB/T2 without an MBA.

1. Is there a typical timeline (length of process, time of year) for lateral recruiting? spring?
2. What specific backgrounds did these pre-MBA lateral roles look for, if any? (just Ibankers?
3. Are there different steps in the funnel/process (e.g assessments, rounds, phone screens) ?
4. I assume that applying blindly is not a good idea, so what type of referral/buy-in should you have at the target firm?
5. Do former consultants typically take a title downgrade?
6. Are expectations any different than campus recruiting? What different questions/performance levels are expected.

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