Mezzanine Funds / Solar Capital

Hey -

How do the people on this forum think about Mezzanine funds (i.e. the guys who put in junior debt capital alongside sponsors in private equity deals, but also in other situations)? I am looking for anybody that works there or works with these types of funds to talk about what exactly they have the mandate to do, what skills a pre-MBA associate can expect to gain, and how exit opportunities are (b-school, other shops, etc.).

As it has been communicated to me, you get to do some of the same analysis as sponsors because you are putting in capital too, and you get to do more deals because there is not as much monitoring (preservation of capital vs. home run returns). However, does not seem to be driving the process, kind of a one-off and not as rigorous an analysis.

Also - does anybody have any thoughts on Solar Capital (mezz fund in NYC)?

Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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Jun 15, 2010 - 8:35am

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