Microsoft Finance Rotation Program Internship Interview Structure/Advice/Tips/Any Technical Questions?

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In a few weeks I will be heading to Redmond to interview in the final round for the Microsoft Finance Rotation Program Internship for next summer. I currently go to school in Texas so the odds may already be against me since I don't go to school or live in Washington. I am an accounting major. What would be some tips for the interview? Is there anything I should study up on to prepare for technical questions or is the interview only behavioral? I have had trouble finding descriptions of the interview itself for this internship on the internet so some advice would be appreciated.

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Sep 3, 2019

When I interviewed it was mostly behavioral with one of the four interviews being a bit more technical. I think it varied by who interviewed you - when I talked to the other interviewees on the super day they got different questions than me.

Read over Microsoft's 10K, look over behavioral and technical guides, and review basic case study frameworks.

Sep 21, 2019