ML Palo Alto vs Deutsche SF

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Both tech shops, which one does more deals? Seems to me like DB doesnt get any respect on this board, but my friend that's working there right now is getting KILLED. He says there's a bunch of deals going on, and that's a pretty big office with a lot of bankers, no?

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  • justanotherbanker
  •  Sep 29, 2007

If I remember correctly, ML took a big piece of the pie during the dotcom boom (driven out of Palo Alto). Granted, they got nailed the hardest following the crash (e.g. internal emails talking about how stupid the buysiders buying ML's tech IPO stock were). I've never been a fan of Deutsche for anything besides trading. Where I work, the consensus is that Deutsche has only been able to do deals in the past three years because of its willingness to finance just about anything in order to score M&A league table credit. They're feeling the sting from that now, as verified by Ackerman's recent speech about the "mistake" they made during the LBO boom.

Sep 29, 2007

ML Palo Alto is a much better shop on the West Coast than DB. You'll get worked there though. They easily put in more hours than most NY groups and much more than other West Coast groups. You'll also have to live in Palo Alto which is prett awful compared to SF. ML has a significant amount of deal flow and the group has a ton of momentum. Head of the group is an ex Lehman guy who's an all-star banker. They also have a 30 year old MD (Harvard alum who made MD at 28) in their Corp Fin Group who has done more deals than about any west coast banker in the last few years.

Sep 29, 2007

depends on the group at ML - if its tech M&A then your solid, if not, i may lean towards DB

Oct 3, 2007

How does ML PA compare to ML's NY groups?

Apr 14, 2010
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Sep 29, 2007

Since when does headcount matter? In the league tables is DB Tech ahead of ML Tech in headcount? come on no one's talking about headcount. if you want to talk about revenue per head, then I guarantee DB loses that one. Really, headcount?

Oct 15, 2007