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Happy Monday WSO!

Upcoming events:

WSO Happy Hour: Wed, 1/20, 7:30pm @ 5th and Mad (formerly known as Galway Hooker), posted by @In The Flesh".

Upcoming webinars:

-Webinar: Private Equity Case -- 5pm ET, 1/19/16
-Webinar: Consulting Case -- 5pm ET, 1/21/16

Upcoming webinar rewinds on the WSO Frontpage (replays of old webinars you may have missed, free for 24 hours):

How to jump after 2 to 3 years from your bank to your next pay check, 1/21/2016
Consulting Case - Talent Recruitment & Retention Strategy of a Fortune 500 Technology Firm, 1/22/2016

Posts of the Week:

Staying Alive: 4 Tips for Surviving Corporate Layoffs by @RedRage". 7 SB's.
why you can't "Stop Worrying" by @geoffblades". 5 SB's.
Liberal Arts Undergrads: A few tips to land THE internship by @BondBull". 5 SB's.

Discussion Topics of the Week:

"I don't have time to get in shape" by @Alistair-Clark". 47 comments.

Saudi Aramco: A deal of the decade by @playtheman". 15 comments.

AMAs of the Week:

AMA: Former McKinsey EM by @karl_pilkington". 5 SB's.
2nd Year MM IB Analyst - AMA by @ValueBanker14". 4 SB's.
Ask me anything - MM PE Associate, 1 year in by @Monkey8888". 4 SB's.
AMA - Private Equity Internships by @King0fCapital". 3 SB's.
AMA First Year CBS MBA Class of 2017 by @TechBanking2016". 2 SB's.

Comment of the Week:

This comment: by @APAE" in the post "What is the longest you've had to commute on a daily basis to work?".

It becomes a different scenario when you have a family to consider. I'm not there yet, but it would require a really honest conversation with my imaginary wife about what we wanted for our imaginary kids. Ivy Prep in the city like Dalton/Trinity? Further afield in the Ten Schools? Abroad like Le Rosey or Leysin? Homeschooling/unschooling?

The city is fantastic as a young guy in your 20s/30s when you're out hunting and building your resume (sexually, professionally, socially), but if you have settled down, it's a real question as to whether you want your kids to have a backyard with a pool and a rope swing, space for a dog to run around, learning to drive during high school, and the joy of a basketball hoop near the garage ... or a doorman who knows them by name, a maid or au pair who's a face equally familiar for them as your own, and high-rise views of the city.

If you want the former, you're automatically looking at Westchester, North Jersey, or Connecticut. If several hours of your day are dedicated to reading and phone calls, who's to say that carving out those hours for a seat in the back of a car or on Amtrak isn't the move to make?

"Waste" is subjective. When I ate one meal a day because that's all I could afford, there wasn't a crumb that made it off my plate. That memory is still really fresh to me (and probably will never not be fresh), and I can't help but freeze for a second when I now cut a fatty slice of meat off to the side because I'm choosing not to eat it. When I find organic tomatoes that cost $8/lb at a private farmer's market tucked in the back of the fridge and reach to throw them away after finding them a little soft, a little squishy, and little wrinkled.

Your 'wasted' three hours a day in a car is a treasure to the MD who wanted his kids to have grass and a driveway, a public school experience (and all the mini travails and learnings it brings), but to be safe in a good neighborhood, buy a house in Upper Saddle River, Darien, Westport, etc...

Success Story of the Week:

3 Tips for Non-Targets by @Smitty4526". 10 SB's.

Most Active Monkeys in the past 30 days:

1. @DickFuld" 498, 2. @Dingdong08" 325, and 3. @APAE" with 213.

See where you rank here.

New WSO Certified Users:

I wanted to take the space here to thank and congratulate the new Certified Users from the past week. Welcome to the club. Some of these are new members, but all have confirmed that they work in the indicated industry at the level selected on their profile. All Certified Users have a yellow star next to their usernames when posting in the forums, so you all know which sources you can trust the most. As WSO Certified Users, they get i) 3 months free to the WSO Job Board ($45 Value) and ii) access to the private Certified User chat room to network with other professionals (priceless). Without further ado:

Investment Banking
@dzcelts" - DCM - 2nd Year Analyst
@MBAhopeful2013” - Industry/Coverage - 1st Year Associate
@Budwyza” - Mergers and Acquisitions - 1st Year Analyst

Private Equity
@straight cash homie” - Other - 1st Year Associate
@Monkey8888” - LBOs - 1st Year Associate

@MTBaltimore” – Other

Asset Management
@haxorus” - Fixed Income - 2nd Year Analyst

corporate finance
@Praesto” – Other

Real Estate
@World-Domination” - Commercial - 1st Year Associate

Are you a working professional and you're interested in joining the WSO Certified User club? E-mail [email protected] and [email protected] your username and send a link to your LinkedIn profile.

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