Moving from MM SA to BB/EB FT- Advice/How hard will it be?

Hi all,

So 2019 SA recruitment is done and unfortunately I was not able to land a dream offer.
This summer I will be joining a MM firm(think RJ, Stifel..) and want to know if anyone has successfully secured a FT offer from BB/EB. How hard would it be? What should I do in advance?

Any insight is super appreciated. Thanks!

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Oct 16, 2018

First off, congrats on the offer! While it may not be your "dream offer," it will set you up for it in the future.

Moving from MM SA to BB/EB FT is actually fairly common. I started out at a MM shop and got offers at a few EBs/BBs for FT. In my experience it was not a terribly difficult process, especially if you get a head start. Note: it's easiest if you're looking to lateral to a firm in the same city.

Your number one priority should be killing it at your firm this summer and securing the return offer. Over the course of the summer, reach out to alumni/contacts at firms you're interested in and plan coffee chats. Keep in touch with them and express your potential interest in FT positions.

When it comes time for FT recruitment, reach back out. In FT interviews, never disparage your experience that summer, but have a logical reason and story for wanting to move firms. Reflect on your experience that summer and be able to articulate what you've learned and your deal experience.


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Oct 31, 2018

Thanks for the insightful response! I truly appreciate it, I have two follow up questions:
1. How should I position myself when reaching out to contacts throughout the summer before internship ends? Would looking for FT opportunities while SA internship look bad?
2. How should I better leverage the contacts I have gained throughout the current SA recruitment cycle? Would reaching out to them before 2019 summer make sense?

Thanks again!

Oct 31, 2018


Oct 31, 2018

Can be rough depending on group/city. Have low expectations going into FT recruiting and make sure you get the return offer. Then you have a high floor.

Oct 31, 2018

Would major city like SF/NY put me in better/worse position? Also curious if BB/EB has formal recruitment process?

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Oct 31, 2018

Much better. My experience was from a specialized group so things were more informal.

Jan 22, 2019