MRED/MSRED Questions

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I'm currently working in real estate development at an associate level with a non-business background and am planning to apply to masters in real estate programs with the goals of broadening my understanding of real estate development (interested in shifting from a single asset class to mixed-use), strengthening my financial analysis skillset, and building my network.

I'm looking to move back to the west from the east coast. I'm most interested in the USC MRED and UC Berkeley MRED+D programs which seem the best fit for working in either SoCal (USC) or Bay Area (Berkeley). Aside from California, I'd also be interested in working in Portland, Seattle, and Denver - does anyone have recommendations of strong programs in those cities?

Secondly, are masters in real estate programs aligned with MBA programs in terms of generally preferring the GMAT over the GRE?

Thanks in advance for any info.