Hi all, have been a reader of a lot of the RE forums but first time posting.

I am currently three years into working as an electrical engineer for a Medium~Large MEP engineering firm in NYC. I have been involved with several of the firms ground up construction projects which have included both commercial and residential in excess of 30 stories. I know that I am viewed favorably in the eyes of the firm I work for regarding upward mobility, I also know that a few more years learning about the nuts and bolts of my current industry could benefit me in the long run.

Education wise I started as an Architecture major but changed schools and majors after sophomore year (from an Architecture school in the NYC area to a Big Ten School). My degree was not in the B-school and sort of an off-shoot of its standard finance degree. GPA was around a 3.2 (also have an architecture minor for what its worth).

I am trying to figure out out the best way to transition towards development and if that would be by way of getting a MSRE(D). I have looked at:

Baruch MS Real Estate [definitely the most cost effective option and only one offered in an actual B-school (although Zicklen is not super-super high ranked)]
NYU MSRE & MSRED [a bit pricey but seems to be a solid option (have a friend in the MSRED program now who graduated with a B.Architecture)]
Columbia MSRED [Columbia name is great but full time only is a bit of a turn off]

My undergrad background and work experience combo is a little unconventional and I feel that I am looking for a good way to tie it all together. I know that people get into development in all sorts of ways and I definitely feel that it is something I have a knack for; but trying to figure out how to steer the ship in the right direction to get there.

Thank you!

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Do you have existing relationships with in-house construction management guys or development team guys at dev shops in your market? I would suggest meeting up with every single one of them and confidentially expressing your interest in moving to the principal side. Sell your experience in construction as being able to contribute immediate value in terms of helping reduce dev costs through more efficient MEP design, estimating, direct relationships with MEP subs, knowledge of those specific systems, etc. At every development shop I have worked at there is at least one dude from the contractor side of the business---it's definitely a workable angle.

MSRED is great if you can do it part time. IMO not worth losing 1-2 years of work experience to go full.


I think the masters would be a great route for you to connect your current real estate experiences. Out of the options NYU's MSRED would be best given its strong reputation within the real estate community, networking opportunities and ability to complete it part time. I think if choosing between Baruch and Columbia, Columbia's would be best long-term given the quality of exit opps you will get. Also definitely worth going out of your way to network with any development professionals you might have ties to - you might be able to save tens of thousands of dollars this way...


Great insight do you have experience working full time in RE on the deal side


I think this depends entirely on what you want to do with a developer.

Do you want to move more towards the finance/deal side? Project management? Construction Management?


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