MSF programs advice, need help - EC major with a 3.05

I am an international student, study in a non target state university.
EC major, 3.05 GPA, (at a growing trend) GMAT 720

2 months internship at HSBC in Shanghai, China.
2 months internship in the largest insurance company in China.
10 days internship program in Hongkong.

I am interest in corporate finance, IB, and want to work in California, but actually the place does not that matter to me.

I did some research and found that UIUC, NOVA, Vandy, BC, UWSTL, CMC, UTA, Duke with some solid programs.
since i have limited work experiences, and low GPA, am i gonna qualified anyone of those programs?
OR are there any other recommendations?

Thanks! any advice will help!

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