[Need career advice] Should i leave the company?

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Hi all,

i am 26 y/o, living in east europe, got bachelor degree in finance from a good euro school with a mediocre GPA tho.

Started working out of undergraduate as a junior product manager at Johnson & Johnson for a year. I didn't like marketing at pharma that much, then i decided to find something else. Then i got a job at P&G as a financial analyst as "contractor" and simultaneously was interviewing at MBB. (i failed the case interviews, wasn't rly good at it back then). And have been working at P&G for almost 2 years and my contract was about to end but my boss recently came to me and told me that he can prolong my contract but i have to do another job and had me promise to him not to leave the company during that time. Now i am doing bunch of accounting job as expense reports, Accounts payable, etc. I find this job to be very boring and too much of paper work, like i need to sort the documents, post them, hold them and put them in archive. TO be honest, i don't rly feel myself comfortable with this job, and it consumes too much of my time.

My boss told me that after 6-7 months, we might be able to find some position you can apply to and try yourself if i can pass the assessment, but he cannot promise.

I'm sick and tired of this administrative accounting job. Should i leave the company right away regardless of the promise i gave to him? This might burn the bridges forever though.

And also i'm just afraid of losing the brand name of P&G in my resume, and not sure how soon i can be able to find another decent job with a good brand name + pay. My end goal is to break into MBB

So, how should i play my cards safe? Or will it be a wise decision to leave P&G and join some local bank with a higher pay

And also i don't have much of savings right now, which is kinda forcing me to keep working here.

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Aug 14, 2019

If your goals is MBB, why not apply there again or tier 2 (Berger, ATK, etc). Working for local bank is not gonna help you with this goal.

Aug 14, 2019

For the love of god use proper capitalization.

I - 14 times needs to be capitalized (15 including the title)

Aug 14, 2019

It's clear English isn't his first language, no need to be a dick about it

Aug 14, 2019

With an end goal to break in to a MBB. If you sent something with that many errors in it to a higher up ... we a semi brash comment on WSO is the least of his worries

Aug 14, 2019

Nobody writes the same way on an internet forum as they would to a higher up. Chill.

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Aug 14, 2019

Ha that's a joke. A lot of people do write the exact same way. They don't proof read and then end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Aug 14, 2019

This is how higher ups write their emails so honestly this guy is already well on his way to MD

Aug 14, 2019

Proofread* not proof read

Aug 14, 2019