Need some advice on where to start.

Need some advice on good reads or general leads on where to start learning about portfolio allocation for personal investing. My folks want me to help them invest, and they're way too skeptical to let others manage their money.

Background on the folks: Not invested in anything at all, and I'm actually quite glad they've asked me to because I have no clue what their nest egg is looking like - never brought it up at the dinner table & they're nearing retirement age. 

I'm a sophomore in finance and literally have no experience managing actual money, and can't give any advice other than to buy the TQQQ dip (I've gotten most of my friends into it). I'm a literal monkey who knows nothing but to throw my cash into levered tech ETFs and hope for the best, because I mean, tech's not going anywhere. 

I can regurgitate graham's value investing strategies, but I want my folk to hold onto more lucrative positions that actually generate % and $ - despite their lower risk tolerance.

As much as I'd love to preach TQQQ to them, I don't think that'll play out too well and I don't want to have them losing sleep over it. Do I just get them into UPRO & QQQ and call it a day?

Appreciate the help guys. 

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Jan 7, 2022 - 8:04pm

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