I feel like a midget around old money/finance types

One trend I noticed is that whenever I'm in a conference, meeting or speaker panel with C-suite or upper management execs of large public companies (especially in industrials, O&G, manufacturing, legacy EU companies, not so much tech/AI/blockchain/new money California upstarts), everybody present from (generally F500+) management to bankers (generally BB/EB) to lawyers (generally Magic Circle/Seven Sisters) to consultants (generally MBB/OW/Parthenon/Strategy&) are all tall as fuck. I'm a broad-shouldered athletic guy who's 6'3 and I'm generally used to towering over the inferior peasants when I'm in non-finance settings, but seeing a 70 year old New England CFO towering over you at 6'6 is humbling.

Also when I'm in non-nouveau rich vacation spots (NOT the Hamptons/Martha's Vineyard since those are infested with nouveau types and CERTAINLY not any location outside of New England/Europe), I feel dwarfed by the blue-blooded aristocratic types. This happens less in southern EU places (Lake Como, Monaco, etc) since there's a lot more overseas types (MENA oil sheikhs, Southern European ala Italian/Spanish/Balkan rich folks, Indian/Southeast Asian oligarchs) who are admittedly very dwarf-like compared to WASPs/Northern/Central Europeans. It's when you venture into Mayfair and places dominated by blue-blooded aristocracy of England, Prussia, France, etc that you start to feel like dwarf. The Russian oligarchs that frequent these places are also of towering stature, especially the ones from Moscow/St Petersburg, the ones from the caucus/Siberia/SSRs (pre-Fall) tends to be shorter).

Also their height tends to be directly correlated with attractiveness and shoulder broadness, these guys all look like they walked out of a casting call for NYFW.

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It's weird because Luka Doncic looks normal 

compared to people like Trae young or Steph curry who look small both relatively and absolutely 


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