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I am a senior from a non target school trying to break into investment banking. I have 0 internships pertaining directly to investment banking but I do have 5 internships in the finance field doing wealth management, financial analyst, Data Research, and asset management. Taking the advice from this site, I pursued boutiques and asked to get coffee with a few people who work in them. I asked them to talk with me about the industry, their experience, and any advice to give to a college grad. I am also expecting to ask if there are any opportunities with his firm. I have 4 meetings next week.
Any advice on what to ask? What to stay away from? And the best way to bring up asking for an interview? Also would it help to bring stock pitches with me? I have several.

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Feb 25, 2019 - 8:39pm

I'm in the same spot as you, but a few informational interviews ahead. I haven't used a stock pitch yet. I used the standard "tell me about yourself" as an intro before they even ask. That seems to work quite well as an introduction. Have questions prepared, but let the conversation flow freely if they want to talk about things unrelated. I always conclude with "what steps should I be taking now?" and a lot of times that leads to them bringing up internships at their firm. If it doesn't lead to that, I usually ask if they offer internships and if they have any insight into the recruiting process or what the next steps I should take if I want to work at their firm. Its a numbers game, keep grinding. Hope this helps.

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