New FT hire - how often should I “check in” for work?

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I recently joined a cap markets team as a full time analyst. Things are a little slow right now, so I haven't been staffed on any "real" assignments yet - mostly updating internal documents, trackers, etc. This work only takes up about 2-3 hours of the ~12 I spend at the office.

How often should I check in with my bosses to see if they have work for me? I need to make sure I don't annoy them, but also that I don't seem lazy.

Right now, I generally check in when I hit the desk in the morning, after lunch, and around dinner. Does that seem like a good amount?

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Jul 23, 2018

Don't pester anyone ever 3x/day for work unless you're ordered to do so on that schedule. Dial it back to once every couple of days, and eventually, weekly.

People who formally notify superiors that they have nothing useful to do are invariably fired right away the moment cost cuts are needed.

Figure out what isn't being done that needs being done, and do it. Or, run your side business from your desk, use Tinder, whatever. If nobody seems to know you're there or ever gives you work, you'll need to find another job eventually. Be a self-starter and the giver of gifts your colleagues didn't even know they wanted.

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Jul 23, 2018

I think it's okay to be stickier as a summer analyst. 3x a day seems insane tough as FT.

If you have different bosses, you can approach each of them once every 2 days I would say, in the middle (say 3pm) so you can get on stuff that materializes later (and are thus more efficient with outreaching). It's okay to be more proactive IMO when you just start work so you don't create first impressions that you're lazy. I think once people get familiar with you and your quality of work, you can scale 1x/every other day to 1x/every week.

When senior bankers have work, they WILL assign it.


Jul 23, 2018