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HelloSo I'm currently a Bsc Banking and Finance in Bangor University (yeah, very non-target) with 4.00 GPA and Year 1 First-Class Honors so far. I've always had top grades in school and I easily learn new things. Perhaps you could say I'm a VERY hardworker. I declined offers from universities like Manchester and Bristol due to the pandemic unfortunately.I'm determined to enter either the IB or the PE industry. However, many factors are working against me in this regard. On top of not being from a target university, I haven't had any internships in these industries due to the pandemic (my program is conducted from my home country Bahrain for 2 years and finishes in Bangor for the 3rd) and my only experience is a summer intership at an Islamic banking group in the Social and Sustainable Finance Department. I will move to the U.K. in September 2022.I've already decided to get CFA Level 1 before moving to the U.K. and CAIA Level 1 before graduating to bolster my credentials in order to atleast be seen as relevant, and I will work to obtain both charters in the future. I have also started practicing modelling and valuation and furthering my knowledge by reading technical finance books.I'm asking for advice on what I should do in the 1 year in the U.K. before graduating (June 2023) in order to further advance my chances of breaking into the industry in the U.K.I'm not sure if I'll be able to get off-cycle internships in the winter break 2022 or summer break after I graduate, though I will try my best to network and gain internships in boutique IBs and PE firms, or possibly Big 4 valuation departments.Thank you

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Sep 14, 2021 - 12:42pm

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