Non-Target School, 3.1 GPA, FLDP, Options?

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I am graduating next month with a degree in Finance, from a non-target school. I'm extremely interested in joining an FLDP program, but am running into some serious barriers. The main barriers being, zero internships, not any real relevant work experience, and a 3.1 GPA. I'm finding it extremely difficult to land an entry level job, much less an interview with these things holding me back.

What are my options at this point (if any) to get into a role as a financial analyst/FLDP, and have any of you guys graduated in a similar situation?

Note: I was unsure of the route I wanted to take in my earlier years of school, so I never looked into internships. I didn't realize how valuable they were until my senior year, at which point I was holding three part-time jobs as it was just to pay for my education and bills. Unfortunately an unpaid internship was out of the question. I'm at a point now where internships won't take me in fear of being burned, because I am a recent graduate and they feel I will move on mid-way through the internship to a full-time opportunity elsewhere. I sincerely appreciate any help/insight you guys may have into my predicament.