Offer Decision: Mid-Tier Consulting/Advisory or BB Middle Market Banking?

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I recently received an offer from Crowe Horwath for tech risk consultant, which is like #8 on the accounting firm rankings, and an offer with JP Morgan for Middle market banking (MMBSI). The offers are similar, within a few grands differences.

I was wondering which one would be better for (1) applying for MBA; (2) possibly joining a consulting firm in the future (MBB, LEK, Deloitte Consulting). Big 4 doesn't recruit at my school for non-tax positions, and deloitte mostly recruits advisory roles.

I am from a non-target school, so the chances of making a non Deloitte consulting firm are really low imo with just Crowe and my school name. I'm not incredibly certain of the exit opportunities from BB MMB, but from what I've learned there's opportunities for client facing projects, and networking could be easier by throwing out the JPM card and asking for coffee chats or introductions.

These are just my speculations which could totally be wrong. I appreciate any advice.

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Nov 8, 2018

^ To add on, I like both roles and I love to be able to work front office and with clients, and I like finance and banking a lot too. I am very interested in working with tech related companies. Not particularly excited about working FOR them but I do like working with them.

Crowe's position will be directly with IT systems and whatnot, but consulting for non-tech small/mid tier firms, though projects are usually short and you get to be on a lot of projects in a shorter period of time and be more hands-on about it (What I've been told).

JPM is MMBSI, but I expressed an interest in working with more tech related companies, which they were accommodating since a lot of the clients are in the tech sector and I could jump on some projects. (West coast)

I guess my question is: Which one's exit opportunity is better?

Sep 9, 2019

I'm also from a non-target and encountered the same issue. It ended up being a gut-decision to go with MMBSI. The main factors for me were 1) Didn't want to go through recruiting again and 2) Felt that having a more recognizable name under my belt would open more doors. I'd love to hear what decision you came to and how you're liking it so far.

Sep 9, 2019