Offering to work for free on weekends/ evenings

Really looking to make a career change from Big4 M&A due diligence into trading (went from 2 years in audit and have been in FDD for just over a year). I managed to land an interview for Real Time Power Trading, but they said no due to lack of energy experience. I'm having trouble getting anyone to give me a shot, so I was thinking of offering to work for free on weekends and some evenings.

I want to do this without sounding too desperate, but I can't get anyone in the industry to take me seriously as a career changer. I wouldn't mind entering trades and doing other admin work to learn a bit about the job as real time traders work around the clock.

Any thoughts on this? I was thinking of reaching out the company that interviewed me and possibly a couple other companies.

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Jun 18, 2019

If you go to the hiring person or propose this after getting a no then you'll surely sound desperate.

Find an individual in the industry that works near you. Tell them that you'd like advice on making the career jump ask to meet them for coffee/beers at their convenience.

Develop the relationship and they'll become a 'mentor'. Then propose your offer after a couple meetings. If done right they won't say no. Foot in the door.

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Jun 19, 2019

do you know how to code in python?
have any experience with ML ?

just google're welcome

Jun 19, 2019