Operations at Hedge Fund or Wealth Management?

Hi guys/girls,

Hope everyone is okay and well.

I'll quickly get into the question.I have an offer from a hedgefund in their operations department (they'll also fund my CFA) and also waiting to interview at a wealth management company for an investment management trainee role (they'll make me do CISI then CFA if needed).

If I accept the hedge fund I won't be able to leave and go to the other if I get an offer as I don't want to be that person. However, if I reject the hedgefund offer there's a chance the wealth management company may also reject me and I'll have no options.

My main goal is to work in a front office role eventually. E.g. Researching stocks.Which option is the best to go for?Thanks in advance.

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Sep 2, 2021 - 3:35am

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