Part-time Hedge Fund comepnsation for MBA Student

How much do buyside firms/investment banks typically pay Stern/CBS MBA students that are looking for part-time internships during the school year?

And also, how are the hours like? Do they push you as if you were a full-time summer analyst?

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Feb 3, 2014

After during the school year? Typo? ...could you clarify?

Also, what sort of position? My guess is, if you're coming from NYU or CBS, the position would be for a research analyst?

Summer associate internships (MBA) at BB investment banks pay ~100k annualized. Hedge funds are about the same.

If you get an offer after the summer, the sign on bonus from a BB, including relocation $, is between 50-60k.

Feb 5, 2014

I meant During* the school year. How much would a reExecu|Search analyst at a hedge fund make hourly?

Feb 6, 2014


Nov 6, 2014