PE Fund Returns & Distributions Model Example

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This summer I am making the jump from F100 M&A to a small PE fund (500mm AUM) as an associate. They told me right out of the gate I would be working on their "Fund master model" where they calculate returns and cash flow distributions to LPs, co-investors, debt-holders and the GP at the portco and fund level.

I have really good modeling experience, but am unaccustomed to looking at investments and distributions from a portfolio rollup level (we buy everything cash free/debt free and integrate it). This fund is rapidly committing capital so I plan to be very involved with the continued build-out of this model.

I want to hit the ground running here to make an immediate impact - anyone know of a good example or resource to use to get familiar? Or in your experience is this just something you saddle up and figure out quick?

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Mar 6, 2019 has one I think, search for modeling the return waterfall I think.

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Mar 7, 2019
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