P&G Finance or Global F500 tech company BD Management Trainee for MBA

Hi Monkeys,

I am a graduate-to-be as a Bachelor in Banking with a GPA of 3.76/4.3 from a local target school in Taiwan (you can tell that from my user ID). I need some advice on which jobs to go for concerning the prospect for top MBA, pay, work-life balance, job content, etc.
I used to be determined to work in IBD, but I become horrified by the stories and posts about IBD, and that how shitty analysts were treated. So for now, IBD may be a post-MBA thing to consider. ( though associate is still treated like shit overall)

My goal:

Mid-term would be pursuing a top MBA after 4~6 years at work, after which I may pursue an IBD or MC role to make myself desirable for headhunters or HRs

Personal preference: H=S>>>INSEAD>W>>>rest of M7>>>CEIBS

I know HBS and GBS may be holy grail for me, but I've seen a Taiwanese male engineer having worked for top Taiwanese PC manufacturers (e.g. ASUS, ACER..., they are not even global F500 though) for 8 years, but got admitted to both HBS and GBS MBAs. I believe that international applicants still have some advantages. ( if adcom don't recognize us as part of China...)

Long-term goal would be working in MM PE or VC or find a management role at a well-established company (doesn't have to be F500) in Asia. You may find it weird seeing someone without prior banking experience want to work in PE and VC. However, since the finance job in Asia is less structured, it is still possible to get a job with good connections and any solid work experiences. And as I said, I could also purse one after my post-MBA associate stint.


Note: Below are all Asian pay. Average annual salary for all Taiwanese is ~19.8K USD (~624K TWD)

P&G Finance in Taiwan

Base would be ~24K USD ( ~750K TWD)
Bonus is unknown
Hours: 50~60 hr/week

1. Great culture.
2. Brand name recognized by adcom.
3. Nice training.
4. Early responsibility for newcomers.
5. It's finance.

1. Most P&G alumni who got admitted to top MBAs were doing brand management. So far I've seen only two ex-P&G who worked other than brand management get admitted to HBS MBA. Both are Asians, one of whom is a Chinese male working in HR, and the other is a female Filipino working in Finance.
2. Big company in a small market.
3. FMCG, not as hot as tech.

If this path is chosen, I think I have to hustle hard in order to work in top offices in Greater China Area like Shanghai or Beijing to boost my profile.

Taiwanese Global F500 tech company Business Development Management Trainee Program

It used to be ODM in PC for HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc. Now it is expanding towards cloud, AI ,and 5G (the "hot" field) with success. Its clients include Amazon, Facebook, IBM, etc.

Base would be ~21K USD (~660K TWD)
Bonus is unknown
Hours: 40~50 hr/week

1. Nice training. This management trainee program is meant for cultivating future leaders, similar to LDP in US.
2. Greater responsibility. MTs will be working at HQ, and get to travel around the world a lot to do business with senior managers.
3. Great culture for MT. MTs are basically the STARs here.
4. Hot industry and hot business (cloud and AI). Taiwan also relies on tech industry A LOT.
5. The company has established a big data center in Silicon Valley, perhaps making it known (Doubtfully) to adcom at Stanford.

1. Discouraging culture toward post-UG degree. I could easily tell that SVP is upset with ex-MTs who left the company for another degree. I doubt I could get recommendation from him if I were to apply to one.
2. It is a global F500 company, but I doubt any other adcoms would recognize it.
3. It's not finance.

If this, I may want to jump to FAANG or BAT to better my profile.

Any response or suggestion will be appreciated, thanks!

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