Phone call with MD, already had an interview with the firm

Hey guys, I'm a senior who has a phone call this week to talk to an MD (he is an alum of my school) at a middle bank in NYC. To give a little background about myself, I'm an engineering major, no background in investment banking at all. I already had an interview (1st round) with the bank where the MD is at. (I know, I'm kind of at a backward situation because most people would be asking for an interview to the MD)

I definitely struggled through the interview. So that being said, I need pointers on what to discuss with the MD. I'm not looking to see if he'll vouch for me, especially after the interview had happened (which he knows). I just want to learn more about the firm and what I can improve. Any good questions you guys have talked over the phone with the MD?


United States - Northeast

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Sep 18, 2018