PIMCO SA Business Development support phone interview

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Does anyone know have any experience working for PIMCO(SoCal office)?

What should I do to prepare for the phone interview in terms of technical and behavior questions? They said they would call me regarding this position. What should I be studying to prepare for this?

>The Business Development Support group plays an integral part in the initial sales/marketing process to prospective clients, as well as in the servicing of PIMCO's existing clients and investment consultants worldwide. The BDS team works closely with PIMCO's investment professionals, especially with Product Managers and Account Managers, to provide superior client servicing. BDS summer intern's primary responsibilities include: completing Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Information (RFIs), and questionnaires (general and due diligence), maintaining consultant databases, and various ad hoc requests. The intern's secondary responsibility is managing robust strategy level data, and maintaining firm information that includes: assets under management (AUM), accounts gained/lost, investment professional data, and PIMCO's RFP database among other firm specific data.

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can anyone who interned there provide some insights?

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