Just got an offer for a post-grad internship (6 months) with a real estate owner-operator (opportunistic and value add funds as well as separate accounts) that is very well-respected in its region. Would've taken me all of 2 seconds to accept an offer there full-time. By the end of this internship my Excel/Argus skills will be extremely advanced for an undergrad too, and their past interns have placed well, although its not designed to convert to FT.

I've also been going through interviews for several other full time real estate analyst positions. Had 4 in the past two weeks and I'll probably advance to final rounds in at least 2 of them. The competition is intense, one of these places (small but growing fund that invests primarily in multifamily) got 400 resumes, took 15 for interviews, and is planning on offering 1-2. I've grown pretty confident in my interview skills and my resume is well-written. I probably get callbacks from at least 25% of the positions I apply for online.

This is a huge decision for me; internship with a great firm in a location I like, or turn it down to keep recruiting for FT (I'm graduating in december, but loan debt is not an issue). The internship would start in January and essentially replaces my last semester of school. Right now I'm leaning towards taking it, but anyone else have opinions? Appreciate the help!

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Why wouldn't you accept and keep trying to get a FT offer? Its not like typical reneging, its taking a fulltime offer over an internship. If they wouldn't be understanding of that when you renege from their internship for a FT offer then you should not want to work for them anyway. Especially if it doesn't have a likelyhood for fulltime at the end of the internship.

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