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I am looking for some insight into post MBA IB recruiting in Canada. I was initially considering applying to U.S. schools but getting a work visa in the U.S. is difficult. I am a Canadian citizen with Canadian experience. Here are my questions:

Are Rotman and Ivey the only two schools worth applying to if my goal is IB?
How many associates do the Big 5 banks and Bulge Brackets hire in Canada?
Does recruiting depend on GMAT/grades or on networking?

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Jan 10, 2019

If you attend a target school in the US, and recruit for the bulge bracket, they tend to be receptive towards internationals. Besides, attending school in the US will allow you to get OPT (though not a guarantee towards a visa, it gives you more chances at the lottery). Perhaps someone who is from outside the US but recruited successfully post-MBA can chime in here?

That aside, just through a quick LinkedIn search - Ivey and Rotman appear to be your best shot for an Associate role in Toronto. Rotman's benefit is that it has an internship (2Yr program). Ivey MBA is one year, but has a strong alumni network nonetheless. I spoke to someone from Ivey's MBA program who claimed that ~3-5 students received IB offers (not many more were gunning for IB in the first place). A2A is a lot more common in Toronto, which leaves very little incentive for Banks to recruit entire classes from MBA programs, like they do in the US - the market is a lot smaller in Canada. Hope this helps!

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Jan 10, 2019
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