Profile Building: Chicago Business Scholars Program or Strategy Summer Internship in China?

Hey guys,

I'm looking to do a 2-year MiM in Europe next year with an eye on consulting upon graduation (aiming for T2 with MBB reach). Main obstacle in that regard is probably that I have had limited business and no consulting internships as of yet, but I have done several corporate-related legal internships. My GMAT is very decent (99th pct) and will hopefully come out this year from my non-target undergrad with a good GPA (bit of a work in progress due to a sophomore year dip).

This summer, pre-MiM, I am considering two opportunities. I have got a 2.5 month business development internship with a start-up in Shanghai lined up (seems that I will be doing strategy & operations work which I am really interested in, and of course is pretty relevant to consulting). I figure this will look pretty good on the resume as well for international experience, and I can couple it with an actual consulting internship after my 1st year.

However, I have also applied for the 3-week Chicago Business Scholars Program this summer. Not sure about their selectivity but I think my profile gives me a 50-50 chance of getting in. Obviously the brand name is incredible compared to a Chinese start-up, maybe not so much for summer school but the title has "Scholars" in it so I doubt it'll hurt. And putting the brand aside, I'd really look forward to both the academic experience at a top business school and travel experience to the US where I've never been. If I go for this however, I'd have to drop the Shanghai internship due to timing clashes and probably go for a 4-week small marketing/business internship back in my hometown. Bit too little time to make much impact though.

So... from the standpoint of a consulting recruiter (either for summer internships after my 1st year or full-time roles upon graduation), and putting my personal sentiments aside, do you think a
- 2.5 month strategy internship in a no-name start-up in Shanghai ; or
- CBSP + 4-week internship at another no-name, but less time & interesting work/location
adds more to my profile?

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Feb 18, 2018