profile evaluation for duke mms or other msf

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Hello everybody,
I am an international applicant trying to decide which programs to apply for msf in US.
My Profile:
undergraduate - mechanical engg
GPA - 3.3
GRE - 312 161q 151v
TOEFL - 93
WE -(1) 6 months as a trainee trader in a prop shop (not as a quant) in US equities
(2)6 months as forex trader
(3) currently working (since 1st nov 2013) as a junior trader in futures-derivative in fixed income, interest rate as well as commodity across Ice, Liffe and Cme exchanges
EC: strong ec's, plenty of leadership experience. Have published paper though nothing related to finance.

I am considering applying to (in my preference order)

1. Duke mms (personally more inclined due to reputation and placement)
2. USC msf (good university and good program)
3. Tamu msf (good university but dont know about program)
4. Purdue msf (good university and overall program)
5. case western reserve msmf (good uni. dont know about program)
6. Arizona msf (good overall program)

Not applying to OSU as they do not accept GRE. Placement at UIUC are a big concern so not sure. According to the Ross website, TOEFL score of 100 is highly recommended. As I have less score don't know whether eligible for admission or not(have mailed, didn't got any reply). Also not eligible at virginia.
I want to know if i have chance at one of these programs and whether there are any other good programs to apply with my stats.
my professional aspiration is to break into IB. I am not targeting BBs as they are long shot. Which program will offer me the best shot at MMs or boutiques. As I am an international student location is not a constraint.

Urgent help needed. Maybe Anthony(TNA), and other experts can weigh in.
Thank you in advance.