Pursuing IB in France with little to no experience.

Hello guys,

I just finished my bachelor, majoring in Finance and Economics with a relatively good GPA, unfortunately I didn't get any offer for an analyst position as I found about IB relatively late in my degree (swap majors) hence couldn't find an internship in my last year of uni. Although, under the advice of a local IB analyst I opened a trading account to gain more experience with different securities.

While weighting my options, I thought of pursuing a Ms in Finance in France as I speak the language fluently and have a French citizenship. I strongly believe that going to Europe would be a better choice than staying in Australia as the IB market is small and extremely competitive.

Do you believe I still have a slight chance of pursuing this career in France? I found that most of IB analysts come from hyper competitive graduate programs with an almost perfect CV.

My back-up plan is to find a position at SAAS company and work in their sales department so I don't end-up homeless living under a bridge while most of you will be pitching new deals, or simply switch into Computer science.

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Sep 16, 2018 - 6:59am

Quasi illum dolore exercitationem similique. Omnis commodi odio suscipit culpa.

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