Questions about spring weeks for IB in London


I hope you are doing well. I will be starting my bachelors course (BESS) at Bocconi University in September as a non-EU first year international student. I will also be applying to spring weeks at banks in London. 

-Is being a non-EU student a huge setback when it comes to applying for spring weeks in London?

-I am pursuing a 3 month internship in the finance department of a diversified firm but most revenue comes from IT, and it is a top 100 company in one of UAE/KSA/Qatar. I have read that it is best to apply as soon as possible for spring week internships. Should I wait to join student organizations pertaining to finance at Bocconi and wait till like mid-late September to apply or should I apply as soon as banks start opening applications?

-Should I include an environment related club in my school which is completely unrelated to finance but involves raising a large amount of money by pitching to the board of directors at my school district in my CV?

-Is anyone who is currently in the industry willing to read over my CV and point out potential things that may get me dinged?

-Apart from the internship I am pursuing, is there anything else I should be doing in my summer break to maximize my chances of getting a spring week?

Thank you so much!

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Jul 21, 2021 - 3:08pm

You shouldn't be at a disadvantage but tbh london spring recruiting is incredibly random - all the people who've gotten 8+ spring weeks that I've seen had 0 relevant work experience on their CV. Not saying it doesn't help but just bear in mind it's very random at times- heard stories of someone applying 1 year with the same cv and getting nothing and then getting like 15 final rounds the year after.

I actually don't think there's much someone could do to stand out in terms of CVs for springs but if you have something interesting on it to mention in an interview they will remember you - it's more trying not standing out in a super negative way. A friend of mine go asked about their NHS work experience at every interview for example. Apply as early as you are competitive as a general rule of thumb.

Jul 21, 2021 - 3:11pm

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