Rate my MBA Chances (MSF Grad/3yr WE)

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Hi guys,

A little bit of background:

3.1 GPA from well-respected but generally unknown university in Lebanon
3.5 GPA from WUSTL MSF;
710 GMAT (willing to retake - took it 4 years ago)
Passed all 3 levels of CFA (only 3 years work experience)
3 years experience in NY real estate PE (very well known in RE PE space) right after graduating MSF (currently VP)
26 year old, Arabic male
Limited EC's - did some pro bono financial consulting work for Boys and Girls club during my MSF


Want to transition into a higher paying and more prestigious buy-side role not involved in real estate. Definitely would prefer to stay in New York and not willing to leave the East Coast.

Target Schools (in order)

1. Wharton
2. Columbia
3. Sloan
4. Stern
5. Yale SOM
6. Tuck

Supplementary Information

Career progression has been very strong and I'm still relatively young. From analyst to VP in 3 years with immense deal experience. Looking to add a strong name-brand/some prestige to my resume. I realize that my undergrad GPA is rather low but hoping that my mediocre MSF GPA helps me in that regard.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice if someone could evaluate my profile and estimate the likelihood of getting accepted to my target schools. Rationale as to the assessment provided would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance and cheers.

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Mar 30, 2015

Firstly, check this one- it calculates your chances for you.

Secondly, you need to take your GMAT again in order to boost it higher.
Your GPA in WUSTL is good, and shows your improvement as a student, but MBA programs only count your undergraduate grades in the report which they post, so you need to have a high GMAT in order to make it worth their while to take you.

Can't comment specifically on the nature of your work, but if you say it's prestigious... $_$
You sound like you need to work on your application essays, and really figure out why it is you want to go to bschool, and why now.

Mar 30, 2015